ARCC Prairie Plot Garden – Cambridge Campus

Welcome to a glimpse of some wildflowers (forbs) and grasses found in the restored prairie on the Cambridge Campus of Anoka-Ramsey Community College in Cambridge, Minnesota. When you are walking in the Spirit River Nature Area stop by and see what is in bloom. 

A big thanks to Brad Wold, retired Anoka-Ramsey Community College biology faculty member, for developing this webpage (all photos and text) and for making it available to all students for years to come.



GRASS – Big Bluestem

All completed by Brad Wold, Anoka-Ramsey Community College Faculty, Emeritus

I included some of the edible and medicinal properties of the plants for your information, but I am not endorsing or encouraging the use of these plants. For some plants a particular part, or quantity,  may be helpful, while another part, or quantity, may be harmful or even fatal. Come and enjoy the beauty of this restored prairie.



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